The Covid-19 experience has highlighted the need for users to be helped to make flexible and adaptable travel decisions to different needs and external conditions (limited public transport capacity, for example). The insecurity due to the lack of information strengthens the user's choice towards the private car, creating externalities negative for the environment and for the community. In this emergency context, the use of digital technologies has shown to be able to contribute to responding to the changing needs of mobility.

The aim of the project was therefore to integrate information relating to public transport within the Playcar App to have an efficient information system that offers customized mobility alternatives, integrating different transport systems. In particular, the current Playcar APP was integrated with a repository of data and information from different sources and operators different, creating a complete mobility service for citizens who, using the App, can now be helped on how to move from a point of origin to a destination, combining different modes and systems of mobility according to your preferences.

Codice progetto: SERV_INN_MICRO3-184
Titolo progetto: PlayMobility
CUP: G29J21006170006
Importo Totale del progetto: € 15.000,00
Importo finanziato: € 15.000,00
Fonte: POR FESR Sardegna 2014-2020 - Asse 1, Azione 1.3.2
Date: Avvio Progetto 20/07/2021 – Fine Progetto 20/05/2022
Contatto: Alessio Mereu